Adventure Cruises

Our Adventure Cruises are available for individual bookings, and are an opportunity to build miles and night hours, experience extended passages, or simply to visit some of the beautiful harbours in Normandy, the Channel Islands and Devon. Without the constraints of an RYA syllabus, we can work on individual ambitions to maximise your enjoyment of our sport as well as our wonderful cruising area. We will take a maximum of four students on one of our First 40.7’s to ensure maximum levels of comfort on board.  

Adventure Cruises are scheduled for the: 

8th – 12th May, Full

3rd – 7th June, 

1st – 5th July, Full

5th – 9th August, 

2nd – 6th September.  

Price is £750 per person 

Skippered Charter Cruises

We offer ‘Skippered Charter Cruises’ to groups of sailors almost all year round. All of our boats and Skippers are ‘coded’ for sailing anywhere in the English Channel including the Channel Islands and the coast of France. So you can choose your destination, subject to wind and tide, but we recommend that you are not too ambitious, after all you will need time to have fun, and enjoy the delights of our wonderful sailing area!


2 – Day Cruises  £1200 per boat

3 – Day Cruises  £1800 per boat

5 – Day Cruises  £3000 per boat

It is tempting to load the boat to it’s ‘coding’ limit but we recommend that you analyse the berth / cabin layout decide on a comfortable crew size allowing for our skipper of course.

We have quoted prices for Two, Three and Five-day cruises but you can charter for the period that suits you, as long as the boats are available

The Fleet

We offer cruises on; Sapphire and Addiction, our 40 foot yachts.  Sapphire and Addiction can accommodate up to six guests plus our Skipper in three double cabins plus two single saloon berths.